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Go ahead. Judge a book by its cover.

In a perfect world, good books would find their own way into the hands of appreciative readers. In the real world, books have to compete not only with one another but with movies, television and the Internet for attention. Today people not only judge a book by its cover, they decide whether or not to stop, examine and even buy based on their first reaction to what they see.


Dragich Designs understands the role design plays in making those decisions, bringing over a decade of design and publishing experience to every job. We know how to create book covers, reports, magazines, brochures and newsletters that instantly connect with your audience. Most importantly, we take the time to ensure the design reflects and enhances the content, both on the cover and throughout the rest of the document. The result is design that conveys the essence of what lies within, attracting and intriguing potential readers and motivating them to take action.


Giving readers what they want, and writers what they need.

A hundred years ago, the publication of a book was a big deal. Now, hundreds of books flood the market each and every month. As a result, catching, and keeping, the attention of potential readers is one of the biggest challenges facing anyone who has a product, idea or story to sell. It’s a challenge that demands intriguing, relevant, appealing designs.


Creating those designs takes more than an artistic vision – it takes an understanding of the industry and of the challenges facing writers and publishers. It requires attention to detail, adherence to budgets and meeting demanding timelines. It also requires an understanding of the reader, what they want, what they expect and what they are already seeing on the shelves. Most importantly, it requires someone who can absorb, analyze and interpret the content visually – giving words images and thoughts a concrete form.


After more than a decade in the design and publishing industry, Dragich Designs knows what it takes to meet those requirments. We take pride in our ability to understand and disseminate information, our attention to detail and our knack for creating a unified visual identity that can work in a variety of applications. We’re dedicated to creating designs that not only look great, but are functional, practical and accessible for your audience.



Making the process work for everyone.

We begin each project by meeting with clients to discuss their needs and their vision. We then provide a detailed quote outlining exactly what services are included. Once the quote is approved the design process begins.


As a rule, we prefer to receive the finished text and image resources at the outset – this ensures that any changes will be focused on the design rather than on reworking text. With the finished text and images in hand we begin the initial concept, which is reviewed and approved by the client before we take it any further. Once the initial concept is approved we move on to preparing the first draft of the entire document for review. Two drafts are all it usually takes before the document is ready for pre-press and printing.


After years of experience, we’ve found this process works well for most types of projects and is particularly efficient when dealing with longer documents like books, magazines and reports. It’s quick, efficient and cost-effective. It minimizes the amount of time the client has to spend on the design process. And, most importantly, it ensures everyone is on the same page from start to finish.


Feel free to judge our work by their covers.


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